Our Products

Roza Cleansing Gel

A specially developed formula for eyelash extension users Perfect for removing make-up and eye make-up. No double cleansing needed!

How to use: Add product to damp face and massage in circular motions gently until makeup is removed. Rinse thoroughly with regular or lukewarm water

iDEAL Serum

An EGF serum that boosts eyelash growth.

How to use: Apply across eyelash roots twice a day after washing your face.

iDEAL Coating

Keep your eyelash extensions in a better condition for a longer period of time with this coating.

How to use: Apply carefully and evenly to eyelash extensions up to a few times a week. Use daily if needed.

iDEAL Mascara

A waterproof mascara that can be applied to eyelash extensions.

How to use: Apply evenly among eyelashes or eyelash extensions. To remove, simply wash with lukewarm water.