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iLash-Bar signature eyelash extension is specially designed by our Japanese Lash Creative Director. We customise the extension to suit your eye shape and lash condition. Using 96 types of combination of lashes with different thickness, length, shape and curls, we will create that unique 3D eyelash design to enhance your beauty... Especially the window to your soul!

iLash Designs




    Our Services

  • Natural iLash: Beautiful and natural lashes which adds sophistication to your everyday look.
  • Luscious iLash: Go on and charm the crowd with your voluminous and enchanting lashes.
  • Sexy iLash: Steal the limelight with captivating and alluring lashes, let your eyes do the magic and be the star of the day.
  • Unlimited iLash: Beauty knows no limits! Go overboard with your lashes, steal the stage with your dazzling eyes and be the queen of the show.
  • Removal: We do remove eyelash extensions done at other salons without new attachment
  • Re-touch: Free retouch within the first week of appointment
  • Under-lash: Under lash extensions for that added glamour to your eyes!